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Sam Grindley    Mixed Media



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Beverley Chapelhow     Paintings and Sculpture


Jill Wright        

Nature Inspired Acrylics


Keith Parkinson     Drawing Paintings and Sculpture     


I am very fortunate to have the luxury of an artist studio, the time I spend in my studio has allowed me to experiment with different media, although my fondness for large sculpture pieces will remain a deep seated passion, the lack of space doesn’t allow me this freedom. What is has allowed me is, to explore other artistic avenues.

More recently I have been experimenting with watercolour paints and ink;  I am intrigued when observing the flow of pigment being carried along in a pool of water.

The clean crisp edges that the paint leaves behind when dried.

I am fascinated at how ink has a mind of its own when a droplet of water hits an ink spot.

Watercolour paints can be controlled and be uncontrollable, that’s the magic!

A new unexpected body of work has emerged using watercolour and ink. I am working on a series of portraits, some inspired from a recent Jazz Festival collaboration and some of my dear family.

I intend to paint more portraits and use a recent trip to India as my next project.  


Art has given me so many opportunities and an amazingly varied lifestyle. It saved me from my real job and has given me the chance to lead community and schools projects, work with all sorts of different groups in all sorts of places, and on top of all that, how many adults get to do finger painting for a living?

My work is eclectic and energetic. I thrive on variety and experimentation. Drawing, painting and sculpture are lively and often colourful but are all marked by an exploration of light, dark and movement. They also largely explore themes around people and place, initiated by the place I live, the people who pass by and by memories.

I often use haiku poetry to explore and stimulate ideas and these may be incorporated in my work.

The partnership with Beverley Chapelhow is another chance to move forward in art, both in the excitement and opportunity these studios allow us to create, and in forthcoming joint exhibitions.    www.thekpgallery.com



Serendipity -  faculty of making happy discoveries by accident

 The nature with which I paint is built upon the hope that in the physical process of painting, serendipity will occur.  I expect this is the case for most painters.  None of us really know what impact that next mark will have on the rest of the image, until we have done it.  Paint is an unpredictable thing. 

 To embrace ‘chance and accident’ is an immensely freeing concept, where you experience a process as much as you achieve an end result.  It is by ‘chance and accident’ that I found the drive for my work.  On the bottom shelf of the bookcase at the top of the stairs are my family’s photo albums.  In what I would later value as a serendipitous moment, I began to look through the photos in the older albums.  I have always known they have been there.  I have often looked at them, copies of some hang on the walls.  I see them everyday, yet never before had I seen them in the light I now do.  

 The re-evaluation of a series of photographs from my early childhood, taken during a holiday in Mauritius, prompted the realisation of the previously hidden objective of my work. 

I create Artwork because I must. I’ve always loved art materials and experimentation with new mediums. I am a “self-taught” artist with a background in Interior Design. I think my love of colour, textureand experimentation is my niche. I work spontaneously, creating Artwork which explores acrylic paint, ink, printing techniques, plaster, glue, wire, and beads. Some of my Artwork is ‘realistic’ others, more abstracted. Texture has become a requirement with all my artwork.

My Inspiration comes from a variety of sources, most recently I am inspired by floral, leaf and various botanical matters found in nature. I am continuing to explore my interest in mono-printing. I am fascinated by the emotional impact of colour and I am captivated by the way in which art can be both exciting and invigorating yet, therapeutic.

My Art has developed and evolved over time. There is nothing I would rather do!                 jill.frances.wright@googlemail.com

Rob Parkinson


After 20+ years of working for ‘the man’, I asked myself ‘Is there more to life than this ?’ (Midlife Crisis?).

At the moment the answer to both of the above questions is ‘Maybe’...

As a lad (and an only child), I was always very keen on drawing and painting, heavily influenced by the Saturday late night double-bill of old Universal and Hammer horror movies.


I brought this interest into later life, and a few years ago, I re-ignited my interest and began producing pieces of ‘art’, for my own pleasure.


My ‘movie-nerd’ status has also continued throughout my adult life, and over the last couple of years I have been producing numerous pieces of digital ‘art’, largely influenced by film and film poster art as a hobby.


But I always hankered for a space where I could broaden my limited, untrained skills.

I discovered Ribble Valley Art studios by pure chance, and was immediately excited.

My aim is to follow a four T plan. (Quite apt, as I recently hit my forties !)


T 1 – Texture – to move away from the 2-dimensional digital processes I have been using to produce something ...

T2 – Tangible.

T3 – Technique – to treat my time here as a constant learning process, to learn from the artists in residence here, and to pick up as many skills as I can within the studio environment, as well as through study.

T4 – Trial ... and error (mostly error at the moment!) – to experimentally develop new techniques, and not be discouraged by ‘failure’.


Thank you for taking your time in reading these words of limited wisdom.




Tel. 07817 807237


Membership Artist

Ribble Valley Art Studios

Art by Julie Bowen

Having graduated from Liverpool in 1984, with a BA Honours degree in Art and Illustration, I am currently occupying Studio 2, here at the Ribble Valley Art Studios.


I have been attending the workshops at the Studios and this has been really beneficial and refreshing. It’s been great to learn new techniques and sharing skills with the other resident artists is a great asset to developing my style of painting.


I enjoy painting landscapes and seascapes, particularly the Scottish Highlands and local scenes. I generally work from my own photos and sketches at the scene and I find it helps if I feel connected or am particularly fascinated by the scene.


My work is still experimental mainly in oils or acrylics and I wish to develop a faster more fluid approach to my paintings. Recently I have been mixing more linseed oil and turpentine into the paint or dripping it over on top to create a dripping effect.  I have always admired Monet and Impressionists painting and I usually pick scenes with unusual lighting and strong contrasts.


E:  Julie.halliwell@fsmail.net.

Patrick Troughton


Patrick Troughton studied History of Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art specializing in architecture.  In 2001 he was appointed artist-in-residence at Canterbury Cathedral.  He has since trained as a printmaker at UCLAN and regularly contributes to exhibitions with the Blackburn Artists’ Society at Blackburn Museum and the Howarth Art Gallery, Accrington.


Until recently, he volunteered at a charity called Stubby Lee Community Greenhouses near Bacup, where those with mental health issues take part in horticultural activities.  He was artist-in-residence there and enjoyed drawing in the Victorian greenhouses whilst others were gardening and working on environmental projects.


In March 2015, he moved to Clitheroe and is now based at the Ribble Valley Art Studios.  He has designed a Christmas card for the Friends of Blackburn Cathedral.


For further information – 01200 428 629 or patpictures@hotmail.com


.David K Foat BA BSc



After leaving Liverpool Art College in 1979, I worked in London Art Galleries The Hayward, Tate Britain, National Portrait Gallery and the Royal Academy.  I moved to Bristol and worked in the Arnolfini Art Gallery.  During the later 1980’s I spent time travelling in Europe and Israel.  Then, after a period working in the North Sea oil fields, I returned to study and obtained a BSc Environmental Health from London University.  I settled in East Lancashire in the 1990’s and I’ve continued to paint throughout. 


More recently, I’ve concentrated on landscape oil paintings, rather than still life or portraiture.  I tend to work in my studio in Colne using sketches and photographs rather than directly from nature.  The Yorkshire painter David Hockney has rightly pointed out that artists such as Jan Van Eyck must have been using optical devices such a mirrors and lenses since the 15th Century and before.  The Impressionists’ first exhibition in 1874 was in the photographer Nadar’s former studio.  I enjoy sketching directly from the landscape but I also shamelessly enjoy working in oils from photographs.  I do have a City & Guilds qualification in landscape photography and sometimes a photograph says all that I want to say about a landscape.